Do you Travel?

Of course! We love traveling, however, travel costs may be assessed.

What does it cost?

Every event in life is different, therefore, please contact us for a personalized quote or to receive our price guide. You can also check our Investment page to get a sense of where our prices start.

Do you retouch photos?

We do slight retouching if it is in the best interest of the photo, however, we shoot in a documentary style and like to keep it as natural and as authentic as possible.

What should we wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! But as a rule of thumb, you can't go wrong with neutrals and black :)

Whats your turn around time?

Lifestyle photos: 4-6 weeks
Wedding photos: 6-8 weeks
Sneak Peek Film: 2 weeks
Highlight Film: 8-12 weeks

Can we choose our own music for our films?

Short answer - no
Long answer - We are legally bound to use music that we pay a fee to license. Generally speaking, 'popular' songs cost lots of money to be able to use legally, and couples usually don't want to have to pay that fee. However, please feel free to send us song suggestions to give us a vibe for what you are looking for and we will try to match that vibe for the songs we choose!

Can you help us with planning?

We offer advice on a day-of timeline as well as minor tips throughout the planning time to make your life easier.

Can we meet you first?

Sure! However, since we do book far away from our home town, we typically don't meet with couples before we book. That doesn't mean we aren't willing to meet you - just ask!

How do we book you?

*Cue happy dance!* We would love for you to reach out on our "Contact us" or shoot us a message at We also accept Instagram DM's, Facebook Messages, Snail Mail, and carrier pigeon (if you're into that)! We will set up a time to talk and send you a customized proposal to consider before fully booking.

How long have you been doing this?

We are fairly new to the wedding scene and started Big Dipper Media Co. in the spring of 2021, but have been avid photographers and videographers for over 7 years!

How many photos do we get?

It depends on the package you choose, but we always say we will deliver a certain amount and end up giving you more because they are just so amazing!

How do we get our photos?

We have a high-resolution, professional digital gallery that is delivered to you via a link. From there, you can share to your heart's desire!

How do we get our videos?

Your videos will be delivered through a professional website custom to you that you can share with anyone.

Where should we go for an engagement session?

Do you have a special spot that means something to both of you? At the lake, your family cabin, or even that amazing breakfast place? We are down for anything! We also have a guide for the Milwaukee area.

Do you offer drone footage?

Yes! However it is weather and location dependent.

How long will my video be?

It depends! Our highlight films are usually between 5 and 12 minutes, but if you are also purchasing your ceremony, reception, first dance, etc. it will be the time of your highlight plus any of those parts of your day.

How far out do you book?

If you are looking for services next week or in 2024, we are ready to help! Send us a message to see if we are available!

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